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  • v0.0.4
    6cf637eb · libcamera v0.0.4 ·
    libcamera v0.0.4
     * libcamera: yaml_parser: Use C locale
     * libcamera: base: utils: Support C libraries lacking locale support
     * py: cam.py: Fix duplicate metadata output if more than one stream
     * libcamera: camera: Fix validateColorSpaces to choose main colour space
     * pipeline: raspberrypi: Fix handling of colour spaces
     * test: Fix/Enable testing with ASan
     * test: Remove redundant pipeline tests
     * meson: Only build pipeline handlers needed in host architecture
     * meson: Add 'all' choice to pipelines option
     * utils: checkstyle.py: Add commit title checker
     * libcamera: ipa_module: Relax ipaModuleInfo symbol size check
     * pipeline: Support configuration file paths
     * camera_sensor: Improve h/v flip handling
     * camera_sensor: Add AR0521 Sensor support
     * camera_sensor: Add OV4689 Sensor support
     * camera_sensor: Add support for OmniVision OV8858
     * raspberrypi: Support Autofocus with PDAF
     * raspberrypi: Support for the Sony IMX708 sensor
     * rkisp1: Raise maximum analogue gain
     * raspberrypi: Support parameters from a configuration file
     * raspberrypi: Add a parameter to disable startup drop frames
     * libcamera: rkisp1: Add support for Transform
     * gstreamer: Add bayer8 support to libcamerasrc
     * qcam: Show string representation of pixel format
    ABI Compliance:
     * abi-compliance-checker reports 100% ABI and API compatibility with
       with v0.0.3
    Acked-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
    Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
  • v0.0.3
    f66a5c44 · libcamera v0.0.3 ·
    libcamera v0.0.3
    Key bug fixes:
     * Segfault in the ContolInfo() constructor for an empty V4L2 menu
       Bug: https://bugs.libcamera.org/show_bug.cgi?id=167
       Fix: libcamera: v4l2_device: Workaround faulty control menus
       This resolves and prevents crashes that have occured in Pipewire when
       users connect poorly implemented UVC devices.
    ABI Compliance:
    abi-compliance-checker reports 100% ABI and API compatibility with with
    v0.0.2, however 81e7689bb168 ("libcamera: stream: Turn StreamRole into
    scoped enumeration") modifies an enum into a class enum. This may need
    minor updates to applications, and didn't appear to be picked up by
    - See https://git.libcamera.org/libcamera/libcamera.git/commit/?id=81e7689bb168a for more details.
     * Fix tracing when built as a subproject
     * Avoid double map lookups in framebuffer_allocator
     * Workaround faulty control menus
     * controls: Change LensPosition units to dioptres
     * camera_sensor: Add IMX519 sensor properties
     * Documentation: contributing: Add commit message guidelines
     * Declare generic converter interface
     * Add libtuning
     * Add initial libtuning script support for rkisp1 and raspberrypi.
     * checkstyle.py: Check new header file on new and renamed meson.build files
     * Move IPA sensor controls validation to CameraSensor (IPU3/RKISP1)
     * Support FrameDurationLimits control for FrameRate management
     * Support raw capture (IPA, configuration, and runtime)
     * Add support for manual gain and exposure
     * Fix stream size validation
     * Add additional default values to controls
     * Enumerate supported stream formats
     * Set SensorTimestamp metadata
    Raspberry Pi:
     * Remove generic "pause" mechanism from Algorithm
     - Remove enum BuffferMask from the mojom interface
     - Fix digital gain calculations for manual mode
     - Fix bug in IPA frame drop logic
     - imx477: Update tuning file for the latest camera modules
     - Add a "scientific" tuning for the IMX477
     - cam: kms: Avoid 'unused-parameter' warnings
     - cam: Support parsing array controls in capture scripts
     - gstreamer: Improve control id lookups
     - lc-compliance: simple_capture: Free Requests properly
     - Support controls that use an array of Rectangles
     - Expose the Request Sequence Number in Python Bindings
     - Validate CameraSensor Ancillary Devices (focusLens)
     - controls: control_info: Test default def() values
    Acked-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
    Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
  • v0.0.2
    2b1e1cd1 · libcamera v0.0.2 ·
    libcamera v0.0.2
    This release contains all the work merged to libcamera over the last 5
    weeks, including the following summary highlights:
     * New pipeline handler for the IMX ISI
     * Fixed memory leak in the logging infrastructure
     * Fixed meson support for 0.56
     * Additional Thread Safety annotations added throughout
     * Add a release method to pipeline handlers to support
       freeing resources when a camera is released, but not
     * Group test applications under src/apps
     * Make libdl optional to support Android builds
    Application layers:
     * Added DNG File output to cam
     * Fixes for building against Android
     * gstreamer framerate control and negotiation
     * Support setting metadata directly from (libipa) algorithms
     * Set AGC and AWB metadata for both RKISP1 and IPU3.
     * Support for enum serialization and Flags
     * Support multiple lens shading tables for different colour
       temperatures on RKISP1/i.MX8MP.
    Raspberry Pi IPA:
     * Full line length control
     * Better HBLANK synchronisation and full line length control
     * Support ov9281 as ov9281_mono
     * Update colour temperature whenever manual gains change
    abi-compliance-checker tells me that this release is 100% abi compatible
    with v0.0.1.
    Acked-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
    Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
  • v0.0.1
    a83aed77 · libcamera v0.0.1 ·
    libcamera v0.0.1
    This patch release commences the package release procedures for the
    Initial releases will include a bump to the patch (0.0.x) version
    number, as well as a corresponding increment to the soname.
    Acked-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>
    Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com>